1)we ________ copper and silver _________ good conductors.   2. here patience is __________ .  3 . the company _______ the children in the mountain area ______ a lot of books.   4. these _______ are very common now.    5. these english words ___________ from greek.   6. the storm caused untold ___________ the farmer' s production.   7. the region continues to ______________ serious pollution.   8. how do _________ you iron into steel?  9. climate change could have serious__________ for africa.  10. the harmful substances ________ into the environment.
1 The cruise was ____________ as the " journey of a lifetime" . 
2 I think we can safely ________________ their objections. 
3 When her husband died, she received $200,000 in _____________. 
4 The airline has _______________ a new solution to the problem of jet-lag. 
5 The government has been accused of not responding ______________ to the needs of the homeless. 
6 To avoid _____________, please write the children' s names clearly on all their school clothes. 
7 Could I have a cigarette? I seem to have ____________ it.
8 This payment is ____________ next Monday, so we have to get the money ready.
9 The government has declared a state of ____________ following the earthquake.
10 The company' s failure was mainly due to bad ________________.
3)there are several main types of pollution and well-known effects of pollution. one type of air pollution is the 1_________ of particles into the air from 2_______ fuel for energy. another type of pollution is the release of harmful gases in the atmosphere, 3 _________smog and acid rain. the greenhouse effect is also referred to as 4__________ warming. in many countries in the world, 5__________ are being taken to stop the 6__________ to our environment from air pollution. they have set controls on pollution 7__________ for 8__________ vehicles and industry and we must meet the 9__________ in order to 10__________ that a healthy environment will exist for ourselves and our children.
4)the first, and maybe the most important step, is to set a 1_________ for yourself and 2_________ by it. take a look at your 3__________ income and outgo. set the budget up to 4__________ your payday schedule. in other words, if you get paid once a month, then you have to budget 5 _________so that you won' t 6 _____________out of money before the end of the month. if you get paid every two weeks, or every week, 7__________ out which of your bills have to be paid on each payday. it is absolutely 8 ____________to set some money aside for 9_____________ . even if it is only $20 per payday, having some cushion will keep you from having to borrow money when something unforeseen 10___________ .
1.A government spokesman ____________ that the criminal had been arrested. 
2. The Government has _________ an advertising campaign to encourage people to vote. 
3. Do you know how much the ring is ___________ ? 
4. For many athletes, the Olympics is a once-in-a-lifetime _________ . 
5. By age 15, Sean was stealing _________ from his mother to buy drugs.
6 The interview was ___________ live across Europe.
7. He _________ the money on the table as they walked out.
8. We want Taylor in jail where we can __________ him. 
9. Most adult education centers _________ computing courses. 
10. Young drivers are far more _________to have accidents than older drivers.
6)The church was completely __________ in the last century. 2. Once she stumbled, but somehow she _________ her balance and carried on running. 3. Alan _____________ how he and Joyce had met.4 . Widowed in 1949, Mrs. Hayes never ________ . 5. The company' s land has been __________ at £16.9 million. 6. Please ____________ and this time you may succeed.7. Have you __________ the alarm clock? 8. The children were finally _________ with their families. 9. I am sure he would do much better if he were _________ . 10. A shot was fired, and the police ___________ by firing into the crowd.
1.The city' s road system is ___________ handling the current volume of traffic.    
2. If the corporation wants to increase its __________,it must reduce operating expense.      
3. The construction of the bridge ___________ due to the snowstorm.      
4. Some of them did not get a chance to see the Olympic flame because of the ___________ changes, but we, indeed, feel their passion for China and the Olympics. 
5. In general most workers were in favor of a(n) _____________ scheme offering financial rewards.
6. A college-level course of study intended to provide students with general academic knowledge _______________ occupational training.
7. The __________ workers'  attention is now turning towards the recovery of bodies from the rubble and providing food, shelter and drinking water for the survivors.  
8. He hides behind door or creeps under a table to ________ from his enemies.  
9. He sometimes employs students to ___________ samples of their products.    
10. This year' s Asian oil demand ___________ will amount to 582,000 more barrels of oil a day.
(A卷)The human, economic, political, and security cost of environmental change can be cut down at three stages: 1 __________,2  __________and 3 __________, each of which operates at two levels:4 __________and 5 __________. It is worth noting, however, that countries with a strong government 6 __________need to be careful to include the population in the 7 __________, rescue and recovery process, otherwise it will end up with a population that is incapable of 8 __________.There exist a wide range of 9 __________capabilities, and some of the richest countries can learn from a few of the poorest. There are also 10 __________measures that can be taken during the recovery phase to help long-term stability. In a world of environmental change, limiting loss will be just as important as promoting growth.